A Great British Partnership
More Students, More Profits

A Great British Partnership

More Students, More Profits

Partnership Opportunity

Possible Partners

Academic Institutes

High schools, colleges, universities, language and skills centres etc.

Government Organisations

Ministry of Higher Education, Human Resources, Defence etc.


Private & public companies, industries, NGOs


Investors, teachers, Consultants

Partnership Model

In both models, our courses are taught by the partner’s teachers at the partner’s premises

Model 01

Deliver our courses in Partnership (Courses can be delivered as part of the curriculum / extra activities / skills development)

Model 02

Start-up a new venture with Imperial English UK Academy independently


Attract more students & become the most technologically advanced place in teaching English

Partnership Benefits

Key Features

Great British Brand

• A Trusted British Brand

• UK Registered

• Pioneering Digital Learning In English Language

• 150+ English Learning Products

• World Class Apps

• International Presence

British Courses & Qualification

• Quality British English Courses

• British Qualification

• 100% Digital Delivery

• English Test App

• English Learning & Teaching App

• Student Notifications App

Comprehensive Training & Support

• TESOL training & certification for teachers

• Admin Training on how to use the apps for staff

• Paperless Management Systems

• UK Visit Opportunity

Marketing & Promotional Support

• Your own personalised website

• Course flyers

• Course Brochures

• Online Verification

Great Value for Money

• Heavily subsidised price from £35 per course

• No partnership fees, no renewal fees, no royalty fees

• This price includes the registration fee, British certification fee & 90 hours course content access.

Easy & Immediate Start

• Simple partnership procedures

• No experience required

• Little or no pre-requirements

• Great help & support

• Immediate Start-Up option

A Proven Profitable Business Partnership

Earn up to 40% in profits*

*Estimated figures

Fee Income (100%)

Our business model allows the partner to charge any fees to students e.g. £100 and keep 100% of the fees. The fees can be charged in any currency.

Low Operational Cost (60%)

Our business model has low operational costs due to the subsidised course price & no additional cost for training the teachers, the management portal, English tests, and a personalised website. The partners are advised on how to lower other costs such as salaries, premises, facilities e.g. IT room, Internet. Better utilisation of current resources would bring these costs down further and increase profits.

Good Profit (40%)

Our business model ensures that the partners receive a high percentage of profits, as the business grows. The partner is free to deliver the courses, decide on the premises, teaching staff and their salaries. There is enough flexibility to work around their circumstances. Better utilisation of current resources would bring these costs down further and increase profits. Our aim is to support our partners every step of the way to achieve their goals. Speak to one of our advisers today for a detailed financial model.

Partnership Proposal
Partnership Presentation


Quick & Easy

Step 1.
Partnership Interest Form

Register your interest in forming a partnership by completing the ‘Interest Form’. On submission of the interest form you will receive a copy of the Business Proposal, following which a member of our team will contact you to explore the potential collaboration.

Step 2.
Partnership Discussion

A call / visit will be made to discuss in details key partnership aspects and benefits including; product demonstrations apps, management portal, course contents, assessment, awards, certifications, teaching-learning facilities, promotions & marketing, key legal points in the partnership agreement & financial capacity to purchase the minimum course subscriptions.

Step 3.
Partnership Agreement / MoU

Following the successful partnership discussions, a ‘Partnership Agreement’ or 'MoU' will be provided. The Partner must send back the agreement in due course.

Step 4.
Partnership Registration

Upon receiving the signed agreement & payment , Imperial English will issue a 'Payment Receipt', a Signed Agreement by both parties and the Partnership Certification. The issued certificate can be verified online on the Imperial English UK website.

Step 5.
Partnership Training & Support

In consultation with the Partner a timetable for the following training & support will be agreed:
Admin Training: On how to use the management portal, register teachers, learners, create classes, and access reports. How to use the IEUK Test, Student, Teacher & Connect apps.
Teacher Training: British TESOL training provided to selected teachers.
Marketing & Promotions: Developing a personalised web page & access to course brochures, flyers & classroom wall posters.

Step 6.
Partnership Ready For Business

Ready for business, begin to deliver quality British English skills courses in partnership with Imperial English UK – A trusted British Brand.

Step 7.
Partnership Manager

A designated Partnership Coordinator will be allocated, who is responsible for supporting and maintaining this partnership.