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Focused on English Language

Excellence in English Learning & Teaching

Focused on English Language

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We are based in the prestigious Birmingham & Midland Institute, at the heart of the second-largest city in England, with one of the BMI’s earliest presidents being the world famous novelist Charles Dickens.

Our English Language Learning courses are approved and validated by OCN West Midlands, a UK government-regulated awarding body recognised by Ofqual. The courses are designed and developed by experienced ELT practitioners and have been mapped against international standards including British ESOL, Common European Framework and IELTS equivalent.

We are looking for partners to work with us in delivering British-standard English language courses and teacher training. This partnership is open to individuals and existing organisations including schools, colleges, universities, language centres, local businesses and government organisations.

English Teaching and Learning Provision in the UK

In the UK we are a British Council accredited centre for the teaching of English language in the UK (formally known as Birmingham College) and offer General English, IELTS, English for Academic Purposes and English for Specific Purposes taught face-to-face. For more information, please click here

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Dr Govind Desai
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Executive Representatives

Dr G Desai
Dr C Williams
Mr. R. Salguero
Dr S Birstrow
Dr M Sadik
Prof. M Danilovic
Mrs A Joanna
Prof P Budhwar
Prof. T Bani-Khaled
Batoul Salman

Linguistic Representatives

Ms A Breen
Mr T Hood
Ms S Lee
Miss J Dewdney
Ms D Helms
Mrs J Cantoni
Mr H Arthur
Mr J Prentice
Mr A Goodger
Mr N Evans
Mr G Barron
Mr A Wixon
T Ahmad
Mr A Mountford
Miss C Maclennan
Mr L Ethan
Miss R Philpot

Creative; Music, Design & Illustration Representatives

Ms S Resle
Ms D Cheeks
Ms L Stanton
J Bayliss
Mrs K Halim
J Ratcliff
Mr D Bhakar
Mr R Khushaw
Mr A Chauhan

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