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Welcome to Imperial English UK Academy!

Welcome to FMSA Business School Academy.

FMSA Business School Academy is Imperial English UK partner.

Imperial English UK is an established UK brand for English language learning, teaching, training and resources following scientific approaches and pedagogy as used in the UK with integrated quality standards.

We are delivering British-standard English language courses to students and professionals at all levels. We also offer affordable and high-quality IELTS preparation courses as well as British TESOL training sessions for teachers.


We have been mapped against international standards including British ESOL, Common European Framework and IELTS equivalent. Our English Language Learning courses are approved and validated by OCN West Midlands, a UK government-regulated awarding body recognised by Ofqual. The courses are designed and developed by experienced ELT practitioners


After successful completion of the course, the participants will be granted international certificate by Imperial English UK.

Invest in your future – Join our academy.

On this website you will find detailed information about the courses.



Dr. Ahlem Zantour

Dr. Ahlem Zantour

English Courses

Approved by a UK Government
Regulated Awarding Body

Follow the British & European Standard Curriculum


Develop General, Academic, Soft and Life skills


Prepare for Higher Education, Job & Career Opportunities

General English

Academic English

Learn English Using
World-Class Apps

Study anywhere, anytime using
a computer, laptop, tablet and phone

Test App

Smart/easy way to test your English level.

Student App

Track your work, record your speech, listen to native speakers, develop a vocabulary bank, check yourprogress report.

Connect App

Get updates on your mobile for upcoming events, course progress, marked work and feedback.

Achieve a
British qualification

For Higher Education, Work, Job & Career

UK Visit Opportunity

Affordable & Memorable Experience.
Make international friends.

Academic Tours

  • Intensive English
  • Soft/ Study skills

Cultural Tours

  • Summer Camps
  • Winter Camps
  • Visit famous tourist attractions in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham


  • Networking
  • CPD Opportunities
  • Research & Publication

Study with a Teacher

Delivering Hybrid Learning

Student Testimonials

See what students have to say

Test Your English

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